Bespoke supplements made especially for your horse

Think of EquiPacs as super awesome little packages of goodness for your horse. Our Pacs are as unqiue as your horse and we take the hassle out of all the daily measuring and provide one simple “Pac” containing all of your horses daily needs.

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Step 1

Select your supplements

Introduce us to your horse and share their weight to get the correct feeding rate. Choose from our ever growing selection of supplements to create a Pac perfectly tailored to your horses needs.

Step 2

Delivered to your stable door

EquiPacs are delivered straight to you through our easy-to-use monthly subscription. You’ll never get caught short again! Each delivery contains 31 easy to use supplement Pacs containing all of your horses’ chosen ingredients.

Step 3

Watch your champion grow!

Feeding EquiPacs is as simple as tear, pour and feed! Add one Pac daily to your horses’ regular feed. Feed time has never been easier and we are confident that once you Pac, you won’t look back!

We support a number of health concerns

A wide range of products all in one place, supporting your horse has never been easier

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Happy Horses

Passionate about
healthy horses

The team behind EquiPacs are horse owners and lovers just like YOU. We understand the endless time and devotion that goes into supporting your equine partners, so we have set out to create products that provide the results we all strive for while maintaining quality, palatability, affordability and of course ease of use with our unique Pacs!

You can feel confident when chatting with any of our team you are talking to someone who “gets it”, is probably in their jods and has some polos lurking in their jacket pocket!

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