About EquiPacs

EquiPacs were inspired by the belief that inside every horse is the making of a champion. We ensure your horse is treated like one every day, by providing supplement Pacs that bring out the best in your equine partner. Are you ready to bring out the champion inside?

EquiPacs is a family-run business in the heart of the Sussex Countryside. In our family, horses are firmly at the centre of our home and their needs have often come before our own (we’ve all been there haven’t we?!). The idea for Equipacs stemmed from caring for our own horses and enduring the chaos and confusion that is the “feed room board”. With all the horses having different needs, varying workloads, ages and injuries enough was enough and EquiPacs was born.

Having an idea and bringing it to life, however, are two very different things and so the idea had to wait patiently on the shelf until we were able to bring to life our exact vision.

Hannah, the one who condemned the family to an equestrian life went to university to study and learn the science behind equine nutrition. Leaving Coventry University following her studies of Equine Science ready to start tackling the science behind bringing effective, affordable, ethical, and convenient supplements to the market. This was a tall order!

At EquiPacs we are proud to work with a local, British manufacturer who shares our values of creating effective equine supplements without the need for fillers or bulking agents. The trust we have in our partners can give YOU confidence in our products and we are delighted that all supplements are manufactured in a UFAS, ISO 9001: 2015 accredited facility, using FEMAS-approved products and in line with BETA NOPS standards. 

Finally, the EquiPacs family is passionate about our planet and sustainability. It was important to us that before bringing EquiPacs to the market, we ensured they would support our vision for a waste-free feeding product. We had our plan, and we knew how we wanted EquiPacs to work but it took time and persistence to find companies and products to aid our delivery of a 100% green solution. But if you're reading this… We did it.

Our biggest pride is in our pacs themselves - our packaging is sourced from 100% recycled and recyclable kraft paper and is lined and heat-sealed to ensure your horse receives the freshest supplements. The process of creating these pacs uses significantly less energy than that needed to create plastic tubs and because of our pre-measured design, you can say goodbye to wasteful plastic scoops!

So if you made it this far - thank you for being a part of our story and “Go You!” for being an eco-conscious equestrian. Remember, that many small actions can lead to big changes.

❤️ Team EquiPacs

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