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Linseed, Joint Aid, Muscle Aid

Abbie & Alan

What you do together?

Alan and I have recently joined BD and are learning and working our way up the levels together with dreams and goals of competing at Medium level.

What were your areas of concern/in need of support when designing your Pac?

When I purchased Alan, his feet were poor condition and he was super lean being an ex-show jumper. I needed to bulk his muscle in order to have the strength to carry out the dressage movements. Together the team of EquiPacs and our training have built such an exciting year ahead !

What results have you seen from your chosen EquiPacs products?

The difference in his muscle mass and definition was absolutely incredible ! I could see it appearing before my eyes! The strength and performance gained was also really noticeable.

What is your favourite thing about EquiPacs?

I can’t list a favourite individual ‘thing’ ! The overall idea is absolutely brilliant. Hannah advised what we needed, we got it, feed it and done! There is magic in that little Pac!! Hannah and the team are so friendly and knowledgeable. The EquiPacs family, support network, super events like the polo.. The list is endless!!

What is your number 1 eco-friendly swap around the yard? (other than EquiPacs of course)

EquiPacs is by far the best swap I’ve made down to everything being eco-friendly. The other thing I’ve changed is bulk buying the grooming essentials and reusing the metal spray bottles, but nothing comes close to the level of environmentally sensitive features of EquiPacs.

What would you have to say to someone considering to swap to EquiPacs?

Why are you considering it? There is nothing to consider ! Do it and you will never have to think about feeding again!!

Fun Fact about you and your horse!

EquiPacs stole our beach virginity!!