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Eloise & Sox

Introduction to your horse

Sox is my first horse who I got during the first Covid lockdown in 2020. We spent the first few months getting to know each other before having to embark on a very long rehab journey following a diagnosis (and subsequent surgery) for kissing spine. We have also faced several other issues and challenges including injecting several areas, some remedial shoeing, a couple of trips to Newmarket for colic and most recently a reaction to sunlight.

What you do together?

We are planning to start competing in local dressage competitions whilst continuing to let him guide us in terms of his workload.

What were your areas of concern/in need of support when designing your Pac?
The main areas we have focused on have been supporting Sox have been making sure his muscle are supported whilst they are growing and to make sure he does not experience any tying up. As he is a thoroughbred, we make sure to support his hooves from the inside as well as out. We have taken our vets advice and worked with Hannah to also support Sox’s immunity and digestion.

What results have you seen from your chosen EquiPacs products?

Sox has been growing some great sustainable muscle and has had some great progress with his hooves remaining healthy and strong. He is also exceptionally shiny even whilst not being clipped at all and with reduced grooming in the winter.

What is your favourite thing about EquiPacs?

The ease and simpleness is gives me. Whilst being on a livery yard it means that Sox gets all of his supplements in the right doses no matter who is making feeds that day. I also do not need to think about having to monitor the amount of supplements left to reorder as it automatically comes to my door every month. Then there’s the fact that I know Sox is being fully supported on the inside with a customised Pac just for him, we are able to make tweaks as and when needed in order to make sure he is being properly supported at all times. I also love the fact that there is no fillers within the supplements like there are in many other brands which means that whilst Sox has quite a lot of supplements, his dinner is not completely powder.

What is your number 1 eco-friendly swap around the yard? (other than EquiPacs of course)

Getting larger bottles of products (shampoo, fly spray, etc.) and decanting them into smaller reusable containers which also saves some money as well! Getting a hoof oil instead of a balm also means that the packaging is more likely to be able to be recycled.

What would you have to say to someone considering to swap to EquiPacs?

Not only do you get a product where the results really speak for themselves, you also get the most amazing support for the team behind Equipacs, I can safely say that I have never had so much support from a supplement company and having Equipacs behind us really helps me to be motivated with Sox when things are tough. Nothing is ever too big or small for the team, including the changes we’ve made to Sox’s Pac along the way.

Fun Fact about you and your horse!

When me and my mum first when to view Sox, our favourite song was playing the moment we saw him (McFly – All About You) so it was pretty much fate that we choose him.