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Anna & Roo

What you do together?

Roo and I are a British Dressage combination, based in the North East of England. We compete locally at grassroots level, in both BD 'straight' and freestyle (dressage to music). We both enjoy adding plenty of variety to our training - ranging from pole clinics, to ground work, to hacking in our local countryside.

What were your areas of concern/in need of support when designing your Pac?

I started using EquiPacs as I won a free 7-day sample as a prize in a giveaway on social media. As soon as I started using the Pacs, I knew it was a switch I needed to make! No more measuring out his individual supplements one-by-one and storing them in little food bags... I was hooked from the off!

What is your favourite thing about EquiPacs?

I'm going to cheat slightly here and say my TWO favourite things about EquiPacs are: 

  1. How easy it is to have all of Roo's supplements packaged up into one packet, it literally eliminates the need to even think! - just rip the packet, pour it in, and voila!
  2. My second favourite thing is how reliable and supportive the EquiPacs team are - they are just a message or email away, with quick response times, and individualised support that is truly tailored to your horse. Hannah and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and provide evidence-based guidance because they *genuinely care* about your horse!

What would you have to say to someone considering to swap to EquiPacs?

DO IT! It really will change up your whole feed/supplement routine - it's so easy and straight forward!

Fun Fact about you and your horse!

Roo is my very first horse! Before him, I had only ever ridden at a riding school and for the equestrian team for the University I was studying at... he's such a dream dancing partner, I am the luckiest first-time horse owner with him!